Brands Grow More Concerned About Loss of Cookies; Agencies and Publishers Are Calmer

At the start of 2021, brands, publishers, and ad agencies were all about equally worried about losing third-party cookies.  That changed in a follow-up survey, which found that publishers and agencies are less worried than before while brands’ concern has grown.    An optimist might think agencies and publishers have developed plans that brand marketers don’t understand yet.  A cynic might suspect agencies and publishers have realized they’ll make money no matter what.

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Walmart Offers Delivery Service and DSP

August 27, 2021

Walmart has opened two more fronts in its siege of Amazon’s walled garden. They announced a program to provide home delivery for other retailers, leveraging the infrastructure they developed for their own use. The deal adds scale economies and strengthens Amazon competitors. Walmart also teamed with The Trade Desk to provide a demand side platform (DSP) that makes it easier to target ads at Walmart customers via in-store, Walmart digital properties, and third party publishers. One big advantage: advertisers can look at Walmart sales to measure ad results.

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