CDP Adoption Under 2%: Merkle Study

Estimates of CDP adoption range to above 50%. That’s surely too high, but the 1.9% figure in this Merkle study seems low. The broader conclusion that CRM, email, marketing automation and marketing clouds manage more than 60% of audience data does seem about right. Lots more here on maturity levels, privacy compliance, and journey management.

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Meltwater Combines with Microsoft to Create an Integrated Communication Insights Solution

February 20, 2024

Meltwater, a provider of media, social and consumer intelligence, announced it is partnering with Microsoft on an integrated communications insights solution. The partnership will integrate the data from Meltwater’s listening tools with Microsoft’s AI-driven capability to deliver data “as dialogue.” Microsoft will use Meltwater as its provider of global intelligence, while Meltwater has made a multi-year commitment to Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform.

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