CDP Institute Expands As Interest Grows in Customer Data Platforms

CDP Institute Expands As Interest Grows in Customer Data Platforms

August 23, 2017 – Seven new sponsors have joined the Customer Data Platform Institute and individual membership has quadrupled since January, the Institute announced today.  The growth reflects rising interest in CDPs as marketers and analysts recognize these systems can solve the challenge of providing unified customer data needed to deliver personalized customer experiences.

“Industry influencers including Gartner, Forrester, and Scott Brinker have been educating marketers and technologists about CDPs,” said CDP Institute CEO David Raab.  “Our own research has found more than 50 CDP vendors, nearly $1 billion in venture funding, and an industry growth rate of 50% per year.1   Expansion of the CDP Institute reflects these larger trends.”

Raab pointed to a recent Google Trends analysis, showing Web searches for the term “Customer Data Platform” have approximately tripled in the past year.

New Institute sponsors include Blueshift, CaliberMind, Evergage, Fospha, NextUser, Quaero, and ZenIQ.  They join founding sponsors Blueconic, RedPoint Global, Segment, Tealium, Treasure Data, ActionIQ, AgilOne, Ascent360, BlueVenn, Ensighten, Lytics, and mParticle.  Sponsors provide funding, materials, marketing support and advice for the Institute.

Raab cited the scope as well as number of Institute sponsors as especially important.  “Different sponsors have strengths in B2B, personalization, big data, and digital experience,” he said.  “All meet the Institute’s definition of a Customer Data Platform: a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.  But just as marketers have many different needs, CDP vendors offer many different approaches to meet those needs.  There’s no need to pretend that one size fits all.”

About the Customer Data Platform Institute

The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization that educates marketers and marketing technologists about customer data management.  Services include a library of white papers, case studies, evaluation information and vendor profiles; daily newsletter on industry events; blog covering CDP issues; directory of sponsor and non-sponsor vendors; participation in industry events; and consulting on related issues.  Funding for the Institute is provided by industry vendors while membership for individuals is free.  For more information visit or email  The Institute is managed by Raab Associates, an independent consulting firm specializing in marketing technology planning and evaluation.

1 CDP Industry Grew Sharply in First Half 2017, CDP Institute Blog, July 11, 2017