CDP Institute Releases Vendor Comparisons

The CDP Institute has released a point-by-point comparison of 24 CDP products. The project is intended to help CDP buyers find the right products and to reduce confusion about how CDPs differ from other types of systems.

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SmarterHQ Expands Customer Identity Resolution

February 27, 2018

Personalization vendor SmarterHQ has released an identity resolution framework to track customers across time, channels and devices. They’ve always gathered data from multiple sources so presumably what’s new is improved matching methods. Maybe more interesting is that they consider identity resolution a feature worth promoting. File it under the same heading as Tapad repositioning itself as a CDP.

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Consumers Reward Companies with Strong Data Protection: RSA Survey

February 23, 2018

Do consumers want marketers to have their data? One hint is that 41% in a RSA survey said they’ve given false information when filling out online forms. The most common reason was to avoid unsolicited communications. They also take direct action: 54% said they avoid buying from companies known to mishandle consumer data and 50% are more likely to shop with companies that take data protection seriously. Just 11% said they never give any thought to companies’ reputations for data protection.

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