Cloud Migration Has a Non-Silver Lining: Reports

Here’s a trio of surprisingly consistent reports on the dark side of cloud computing. Dynatrace finds that companies are struggling to multi-cloud environments; Nutanix reports pretty much the same thing; and Stacklet says that governance is a “significant inhibitor” to cloud adoption. Of course, all three companies are selling solutions to the problem, but this still suggests that IT departments are finding cloud migrations are not as easy as they once seemed.

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Senegalese logistics and delivery company PAPS raises $4.5M led by 4DX Ventures and Orange

January 20, 2022

PAPS, a Senegal-based logistics and delivery company, filling the logistics gap in e-commerce in its region has announced that it has raised a $4.5 million pre-Series A round to expand its tech-enabled logistics solution across the Francophone region. The round was co-led by pan-African venture capital firm 4DX Ventures and regional telecom operator Orange. Participating investors include existing funds Uma Ventures and Saviu Ventures and new investors Yamaha Motor, LoftyInc Capital, Proparco, Google Ventures,, Kepple Ventures and Enza Capital.

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One-Third of Marketers Will Buy a CDP This Year: Optimove Survey

May 31, 2023

Just over one-third of marketers plan to either buy a new CDP (21%) or replace an existing one (13%) this year, according to this Optimove survey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t report how many have a CDP already in place, which would put the other values in perspective. It does seem that CDPs are a relatively low priority: they rank sixth on the list of new systems and eighth on the list of systems to replace.

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