Companies Are Missing Opportunities with AR and Telco Data: Snap, Intent HQ

The criticism keeps coming. Snap reports that companies are failing to take proper advantage of Augmented Reality (AR), by not recognizing that customers want to use it for practical applications such as shopping, learning, and entertainment.  Meanwhile, IntentHQ says failure to utilize existing data is costing telcos millions of dollars in potential revenue. Is cranky the new black?

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B2B Marketers Want a Simpler Tech Stack: Anteriad Study

September 14, 2022

B2B marketers have their own complaints.  Intent data collector Anteriad reports that 61% feel their tech stack is too complex (if we include the 19% who compare their stack to a black hole).  The bright side is that companies with fully integrated data show better business results.  Also noteworthy: 33% have a CDP, comparable to marketing automation (35%), marketing databases (32%) and Data Management Platforms (31%), but still far behind CRM (61%).

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Salesforce Offers Free Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud Customers

February 21, 2024

Salesforce is offering a free version of its CDP-esq Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud customers, with the apparent goal of increasing use of Marketing Cloud.  The Data Cloud offers Marketing Cloud users a unified view of data in Salesforce clouds and other systems via no-copy access to cloud databases and Mulesoft connectors.  The company also unveiled a small business edition of Marketing Cloud.

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