Conversica Buys Chile-Based for AI-Based Conversations in Spanish

Another, much smaller acquisition: artificial intelligence vendor Conversica, which offers a virtual sales assistant for simple conversations, has purchased, a Chilean firm specializing in Spanish-language conversations. Interesting on several levels: the importance of training data, expansion into South America, and how far companies will go for AI talent.

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Few Employees Consider Themselves Data Literate: Qlik Study

January 29, 2018

In fact, companies struggle to measure a lot of things. This survey from Qlik suggests one reason is a lack of basic data literacy skills. Just one-quarter of junior- and mid-level employees classified themselves as data literate while 74% felt their company would value them more if they improved their data literacy level. Encouragingly, 82% said they’d be willing to invest more time and energy in improvement. Click here to rate your own data literacy skills.

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