Creators Worry Generative AI Will Cut Their Income: Content Marketing Institute

Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute Department of the Obvious.  Today we have a report from the Content Marketing Institute that finds nearly half (46%) of writers and editors are worried that generative AI will reduce their income and almost as many (45%) think it will reduce the number of jobs in their field.  The only thing that’s not obvious is why 17% of respondents aren’t worried about AI at all.

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IBM Sells Weather Company Assets to Private Equity Group

August 23, 2023

When IBM bought The Weather Company in 2015, it seemed an odd fit but made sense as supporting an internet-of-things, big data, analytical business.  But IBM’s latest positioning is a “hybrid cloud and AI” company, so they are selling most Weather Company assets to private equity firm Francisco Partners, which has its fingers in many tech company pies.  IBM will keep The Weather Company’s environmental intelligence suite and retain access to weather data.

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Ads for NY Times, Amazon, Office Depot and Others Appear Near Pro-Nazi Content on X/Twitter: Media Matters Report

August 22, 2023

Few things are as obvious as X/Twitter’s friendliness to hate groups under Elon Musk’s management.  But research firm Media Matters still took a close look, and found ads from major national advertisers including The New York Times, Amazon, and Office Depot were appearing next to a pro-Nazi account.  The report came within days of entirely non-obvious claims by CEO Linda Yaccarino that X/Twitter is more brand-safe than ever.

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Amperity Launches New Lakehouse Offering

May 17, 2024

Amperity has launched Lakehouse CDP,  which delivers CDP functions within “lakehouse” data stores including Snowflake and Databricks.  Amperity tools for data modeling, data quality, identity resolution, generative AI, segmentation, and performance measurement will send all results to a company’s own lakehouse rather than a separate Amperity-managed database. Modules can be used independently but the real benefit here is that Amperity is one of the few “composable” CDP vendors who offer a complete set of pre-integrated CDP functions.

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