Data-Driven Personalization Yields 3x Uplift: Qubit Study

Surveys are nice but how about some real data on personalization’s value? The folks at ecommerce personalization vendor Qubit analyzed two billion customer journeys and 120 million purchases to find what worked. They found messages that highlight low-stock items, trending products, and time limits were most effective. Product recommendations were less so. But the main news is that messages driven by individual-level behaviors and preferences were three times more effective than non-targeted messages. Fascinating.

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Adhark Uses AI to Assess Marketing Images

October 17, 2017

Decisions, decisions. Should we talk today about artificial intelligence or visual marketing? We can do both this item about Adhark, whose Ava platform uses AI to score the “visual resonance” of images, based on its understanding of the visual preferences of marketing audiences. This apparently represents a pivot for Adhark, which last year introduced a now-vanished product to recommend social media activities.

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Womply Adds Automated Email Marketing for Small Businesses

October 13, 2017

Not every retailer has the resources to design targeted marketing campaigns. Womply is there to help with an email marketing engine that automatically sends welcome, winback, loyalty, and survey campaigns. Womply captures credit card transactions to build a customer database, which it then leverages for analytics and marketing. It also provides small retailers with other online marketing services including directory listings, advertising, and reputation management.

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