Facebook Requires Marketers to Certify Custom Audience Consent

“When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets.” It’s the motto of Hell’s Angels but Facebook might agree. So let’s give them (Facebook) a little credit for requiring marketers to certify consent for custom audiences they upload to Facebook. But not too much credit: Facebook isn’t verifying that the certifications are valid.

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One-Third of Companies Have No Formal Data Quality Process: Royal Mail Survey

June 18, 2018

Who manages customer data? It’s marketing at about one-third of the companies polled by DataIQ for the UK Royal Mail. Two-thirds cited a central data organization or IT. (Multiple answers were allowed so at some companies it’s both, and/or other groups including CRM and customer service.) Rather shockingly, one-third (32.7%) had no formal data quality process and 16.3% don’t validate internal data at all. Lots of other interesting data, including estimates of how much bad data harms the bottom line.

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