Highspot Raises $248 Million for Sales Enablement

If you’re fascinated by martech investment, or money in general, you’ll be interested that sales enablement platform Highspot has raised a $248 million Series F, bringing total funding to $648 million.  Highspot helps salespeople to deliver appropriate content to their prospects.   There’s plenty of AI mixed in, if that piques your interest.

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dunnhumby Launches Packaged Retail Media Platform

January 19, 2022

We have something for everyone today, Dear Reader.  For those who still doubt that retail media is a Big Thing, customer data agency dunnhumby announced an “end-to-end retail media platform”.  The new offering will make it easy for retailers to monetize their customer data without having to develop the underlying systems from scratch.   Appearance of packaged products is a normal stage in market development, indicating a concept has been well enough defined for developers to understand common requirements.

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World Is Caught in ‘Vicious Cycle of Distrust’: Edelman Trust Barometer

January 19, 2022

Or maybe you’re just worried about the collapse of civilization in general.  Our friends at Edelman will scratch that itch with news that trust levels in major institutions are lower than ever.  “Government and media feed cycle of division and disinformation for votes and clicks,” says Edelman, leaving “NGOs and business pressured to take on societal problems beyond their abilities.”  Have a great day!

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Meltwater Combines with Microsoft to Create an Integrated Communication Insights Solution

February 20, 2024

Meltwater, a provider of media, social and consumer intelligence, announced it is partnering with Microsoft on an integrated communications insights solution. The partnership will integrate the data from Meltwater’s listening tools with Microsoft’s AI-driven capability to deliver data “as dialogue.” Microsoft will use Meltwater as its provider of global intelligence, while Meltwater has made a multi-year commitment to Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform.

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