IAB Report: Consumers Willing to Receive Ads on IoT Devices (As If They Had a Choice)

You probably weren’t worried about running out of places to advertise. But in case you were, here’s some good news: the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that 62% of U.S. adults already own an Internet-connected device and 65% of owners are willing to receive ads on those devices.  The most popular devices were connected or smart TVs or streaming devices, owned by 47%.  These were trailed by wearable health trackers (24%), Internet-enabled home control devices (17%), connected cars (16%), and smart watches (13%).  Needless to say, advertising on those devices will be driven by customer data.  Even more needless to say, advertising on those devices is inevitable.

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Profitero Expands Coverage of Online Consumer Product Sales

December 15, 2016

Profitero tracks consumer purchases from online stores, making it sort of the online equivalent to IRI.   The company had no real news other than reporting it continues to grow: it now tracks 450 million consumer products daily, compared with 300 million a year ago, and covers 5,000 online stores compared with 4,000 last year.  Its data lets clients compare their own sales with competitor sales, which they can use to estimate the impact of marketing programs on results.  Attribution again!

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