In Brief: AppsFlyer reports iOS ATT Opt-in rates are higher than originally expected

Data shows 40% allow tracking in US, and 47% do globally on average across all apps. On social media apps the rate of opt-in was slightly lower.

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60% of Personalization Use Cases Rely on Third Party Cookies: Adobe Study

September 6, 2021
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Snowflake Launches Media Cloud for Ad-Related Data Tasks

October 20, 2021

Cloud database Snowflake has launched the Media Data Cloud, a collection of advertising and customer data-related services that include first party identity resolution from Experian, data clean room from Habu, AI-based insights from DataRobot, privacy solutions from LTI, and Unified IS 2.0 and data activation from The Trade Desk.  What’s special is these can all execute within Snowflake.   Previously, users would have needed to export the data from Snowflake, process it, and re-import the results.

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