Intouch Insight Adds Customer Experience Campaign Tool

Intouch Insight, which captures customer feedback through surveys, social media, and more, has launched an experience management system that tracks customers, identifies problem areas in their journey, and helps companies run campaigns to improve results. The system combines its own data with information from CRM and other systems and can use the results to create target lists for campaigns.

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Good Data Management Pays Off: Forrester Study for D&B

May 4, 2018

I’ll spare you yet another survey on lack of preparation for GDPR and instead point to this Forrester study, done for Dun & Bradstreet, reminding us why collecting data is worth the trouble. Forrester rated respondents on data management maturity and found leaders are roughly twice as successful as laggards at uncovering new business opportunities, personalizing customer experience, measuring campaign results, and buying the right technology. Leaders also outperformed laggards at improving metrics ranging from sales cycle speed to customer lifetime value. You get the idea: good data pays.

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