IT Leaders Stress Security Ahead of Innovation Speed: Kong Survey

Data connectivity vendor Kong surveyed tech staff, not marketers. That group ranked poor integration, in the form of multiple technologies, as the top obstacle to innovation. In fact, even though 75% fear competitive failure if they don’t innovate, the group rated security, performance, and reliability as more important than innovating quickly. On the other hand, they’re all-in on microservices, with more than half running at least 50 and 86% seeing them as “the future”.

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CDPs Rank First on Martech Wish List: Oracle Study

March 31, 2022

This Ascend2 survey for Oracle has lots of interesting information, but also some puzzles.  For example: CDPs rank first on the list of planned martech investments (37%) but data silos data and poor integration fall last on the list of challenges.  Or consider this:  82% say they want to change some stack components to improve performance while 88% say they already have access to appropriate data for marketing decisions.

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Personalization Is Top CX Priority Except for Many Other Things: Kustomer Report

March 31, 2022

Kustomer spoke with CX professionals, who predictably believe that customer service will become more important in the next three years. They sided with IT in citing scattered data as their organizations’ biggest weakness, with insufficiently personalized experience ranked second. But when it came to actual priorities, reducing wait times was number one at 81%, while increased personalization finished fifth at 66%.

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