IT’S THE LAW (02/21/2023)

New regulations and changes to existing laws are expected this year and soon after in Asia. India and Vietnam have legislation in process; and Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Singapore are looking to more closely align with the EU’s GDPR. Morrison & Foerster’s overview looks at changes evolving with regard to scope, cross-border transfers, breach notification rules and enforcement.

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Americans flunk consent T/F, but want privacy

February 21, 2023

A true/false test taken by 2,000+ US consumers found 77% still don’t understand how they’re being tracked by companies. Not surprising, since privacy policies have so often been written in ways to obscure the information. According to this test conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School, it would be good for the Federal Trade Commission to set more stringent limits (as it seems to plan to do) on data collection by companies, rather than to rely on individuals to opt in or out of having data collected on them.

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