Marquis Combines with DocuMatix to Offer Small Banks Broader Marketing Technology

Well, here’s a blast from the past: Marquis was one of many PC-based MCIF (Marketing Customer Information File) systems launched in the mid-1990s.  These gave bank marketers an integrated customer database and campaign management, making them the original marketing automation systems and Customer Data Platforms.  Turns out Marquis is still around and still calls its product an MCIF.  They were acquired last September by Falfurrias Capital Partners, which plans to build a broad marketing technology offering for small banks and credit unions.  As part of this project, Marquis just acquired DocuMatix, which generates email, text messages, surveys, Web forms, and other customer communications.

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Adobe Analyzes Voice Device Inputs

July 5, 2017

Voice recognition isn’t new, but it’s much more important now that devices like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are capturing consumer intent.  (See this blog post for a deeper analysis.)  So it’s worth noting that Adobe Analytics can now extract information from speech captured on voice-enabled devices.  This will make it easier for companies other than the device owners to use data from those interactions, assuming the outsiders are granted access to what’s said.

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Ad Fontes Media Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Brand Safe Advertising

February 23, 2024

Ad Fontes Media, a company that rates news sites for reliability and bias, has announced the integration of its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform. This will allow the screening out of highly partisan, AI-generated and clickbait sites, preferentially serving ads to sites containing quality journalism. Directing ad spend to low quality sites not only wastes dollars and threatens brand safety but de-monetizes quality news operations.

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