Medallia Unveils Four New AI Tools

Medallia, the customer and employee experience platform, has launched four new AI tools. These include Ask Athena, a chatbot trained on an organization’s experience and other data, and Intelligent Summaries, producing AI-generated briefs on interactions, customer profiles and issue resolution. Medallia has also established an internal AI Moderation Council to support ethical, responsible, and inclusive use of AI.

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Consumer Goods Leaders Look to Efficient Growth, Digital Engagement: Salesforce

February 9, 2024

CG companies are focused on increasing margins with 90% expecting profitable growth over the next two years, says Salesforce in its “Consumer Goods Industry Insight” report. They are also investing in digital marketing, with social media being the number one channel, as well as digital service and D2C sales. The industry is effective at collecting data (the number of sources has almost doubled since 2021), but less effective at activating it.

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Ad Fontes Media Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Brand Safe Advertising

February 23, 2024

Ad Fontes Media, a company that rates news sites for reliability and bias, has announced the integration of its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform. This will allow the screening out of highly partisan, AI-generated and clickbait sites, preferentially serving ads to sites containing quality journalism. Directing ad spend to low quality sites not only wastes dollars and threatens brand safety but de-monetizes quality news operations.

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