Microsoft Launches Azure OpenAI Services Now, ChatGPT Soon

Microsoft is in the news today for a 10,000-person layoff, but we’re more interested in cool AI stuff, right?  They recently announced general availability of Azure OpenAI Service, which will make it easier for businesses to run all sorts of advanced machine learning models.  Well, not all sorts, since ChatGPT is notably excluded.  But they promise to add it soon.

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Programmatic Supply Chain More Transparent: ISBA and PwC Study

January 20, 2023

Looking at adtech: we have good news from the UK, where a joint ISBA and PwC study found unattributable programmatic ad spend dropped from 15% to 3% and the portion of revenue actually reaching publishers rose from 51% to 57%, compared with their 2020 study.  Winterberry Group pitches in with its massive, and fascinating, annual report on past and future ad spending. And LUMA offers its own magisterial review of digital media and marketing funding in 2022 (spoiler alert: it was down).

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Horizon Media Claims 20% Revenue Gain from AI-Based Retail Media Optimization

January 19, 2023

There’s more to AI than ChatGPT.  Horizon Media has just launched an AI-based media optimization platform for ecommerce marketers who advertise through other retailers.  The new system, Neon, uses historical and real-time sales and campaign data to develop media plans, fine-tune spending in real time, and send the best product display page to each visitor.  The company promises a 20% or better revenue gain vs manual approaches.

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