MoEngage Raises $32.5 Million for Automated Experience Building

The modest ambitions of RPA are far from the grand vision of AI systems that autonomously optimize the entire customer experience.  MoEngage sits at the grandiose end of that spectrum, using AI to automatically map the customer journey, discover micro-segments of similar customers, and find the right offer, channel, and timing for each micro-segment at each step.  Somebody’s buying: they added more than 250 new customers over the past year and just raised a $32.5 million, bringing total funding to $73 million.

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Gupshup Raises $240 Million for Conversational Messaging

August 3, 2021

All that fancy AI is nice but most companies would be happy just to make customer interactions a bit less taxing – through a good messaging system, for example. Gupshup has built a $150 million business on that premise, and just raised $240 million to grow it further, bringing total funding to $384 million. The funding announcement includes a singularly unimpressive chatbot named Gupper that answers a few questions about the deal.

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Snowflake Launches Media Cloud for Ad-Related Data Tasks

October 20, 2021

Cloud database Snowflake has launched the Media Data Cloud, a collection of advertising and customer data-related services that include first party identity resolution from Experian, data clean room from Habu, AI-based insights from DataRobot, privacy solutions from LTI, and Unified IS 2.0 and data activation from The Trade Desk.  What’s special is these can all execute within Snowflake.   Previously, users would have needed to export the data from Snowflake, process it, and re-import the results.

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