More Consumers Trust Business to Use Their Data: Cheetah Digital Report

More consumers are adopting privacy-protection measures like incognito browsing, even though they also report higher trust in brands that use their data for personalized marketing and services, according to this Cheetah Digital research.  The 91-page report shows details by country, industry and age group for questions about loyalty, privacy, and personalization.  Hours of fun.

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Nielsen has launched its new Digital Ad Ratings product, as part of the Nielsen Identity System in Australia

March 17, 2022

After a fraught time recovering and rebuilding from the loss of a crucial global data verification alliance with Facebook, Nielsen is launching a new online advertising measurement service here that is no longer reliant on one provider – and will ultimately match and measure ad exposure to sales impact. Nielsen Identity System, which starts early April and will underpin Nielsen’s plans to create a rival audience measurement service to the IAB-sanctioned Ipsos contract, takes local data from Unpacked by Flybuys, The Trade Desk, Equifax and others.

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