Most Consumers Would Trade Their Email Address for $5 Gift Card: Emailmonday Survey

How much value to consumers really place on their data? Well, 65% said they’d give their email address to a “reputable brand” in exchange for a $5 gift card, according to a survey of mostly North American consumers from UK-based Zettasphere and Netherlands-based emailmonday. Oddly enough, just 49% said they’d trade their email for dinner out, suggesting they eat in much cheaper places than I do. The most popular choice was free shipping at 67%; least popular was donation to charity at 24%. Download for other interesting results (they don’t ask for your email).

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InsideSales Launches Email Sales Prospecting Platform

November 20, 2018

It’s shaping up as a slow news week, Dear Reader. I’ll do my best. Let’s start with news that sales enablement platform InsideSales has launched “AI-driven email prospecting”. Two features seem to make it special: ability to track multi-recipient opens, forwards, clicks, and attachment downloads and ability to embed videos, product demonstrations, and attachments. It’s not entirely clear how AI plays into this but I guess it’s neat anyway.

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U.S. Customer Data Platform Authority David M. Raab to Host First CDP Workshop in the Netherlands

November 16, 2018

Today’s marketers have more data available than ever but struggle to pull it together in a usable format. Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology offers the promise to solve this problem by offering easy-to-deploy systems resulting in data unification and sharing. But marketers, technologists and executives rightly wonder: can CDP really deliver on this promise?

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