Most Metaverse Visitors Would Rather Play than Shop: CommerceNext Report

Is the metaverse also growing faster than you thought?  Probably not: CommerceNext finds that 75% of consumers have barely heard of it and just 5% visit on a regular basis.  Even that group uses it almost mostly for gaming (76%) and socializing (39%); just 30% do any shopping.  Most social commerce still takes place on the major social media platforms.

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Want more control of data on Google?

May 3, 2022

Good privacy news out of Google this week. First, a policy expansion that allows removal of select personal data used in Search, including log-in credentials, that could risk identity theft. Second, for YouTube and Display users, a new option to limit ad types, including for parenting, dating and weight loss. And, third, beginning in July, developers will be responsible to show Android users what their apps are collecting.

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Google Plans New Consumer Controls Over Targeted Ads

May 13, 2022

Google will give consumers more control over the ads they see, replacing current Ad Settings and About this Ad options with My Ad Center later this year .  The unified offering will let users specify the brands and topics they want to see, change personal information used to target ads, and make it easier to see who paid for an ad they are viewing.  It’s doubtful many consumers will bother with the settings but the features give more control to those who care.

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