New York Times Sues OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

The New York Times last week filed a federal lawsuit against OpenAI and major investor Microsoft charging them with copyright infringement for using its stories to train the large language model ChatGPT. The Times says OpenAI is threatening its livelihood by stealing its journalists’ work and then using that work to compete with the Times. This is one of a number of copyright infringement suits that could seriously impact the way AI models are trained.

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Sales Enablement Report Emphasizes the Importance of Training

January 3, 2024

There is direct correlation between an increase in personalised training and positive sales rates and performance — that’s a statement 77% of respondents agreed with in a new survey fielded by LXA in association with Seismic. The international survey of over 200 respondents from B2B organizations also identified budget constraints and data quality and integration as the biggest barriers to achieving sales enablement maturity. The ongoing data challenge is something sales clearly shares in common with marketing.

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LinkedIn Ad Prices Jump as Brands Move Away from X

January 2, 2024

The unceasing controversies surrounding Elon Musk’s stewardship of X, the former Twitter, are prompting brands to reallocate spending — not just to new competitors like Threads and Mastodon, but to the well-established LinkedIn. While LinkedIn commands just 1.5% of the U.S. digital advertising market, the increasing demand for its inventory has seen price increases in the region of 30% in the past year. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

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Ad Fontes Media Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Brand Safe Advertising

February 23, 2024

Ad Fontes Media, a company that rates news sites for reliability and bias, has announced the integration of its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform. This will allow the screening out of highly partisan, AI-generated and clickbait sites, preferentially serving ads to sites containing quality journalism. Directing ad spend to low quality sites not only wastes dollars and threatens brand safety but de-monetizes quality news operations.

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