Nielsen Adds The Trade Desk Information to Internet Ad Measurement Outside the U.S.

Back in the world of identified web visitors, Nielsen is adding demographic data from The Trade Desk to profiles in the Nielsen Identity System, starting with France, Italy, and the UK.  Other Asian, European, and non-U.S. markets will follow.  The arrangement will enrich Nielsen’s cross-media measurement reporting.

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Yahoo Improves Web Targeting of Anonymous Visitors

February 18, 2022

AI plays a big role in this Yahoo announcement, which describes how they’ll use it to put anonymous website visitors into audiences based on how closely they resemble identified users.  As they describe it, Next-Gen Audiences “considers a mix of real-time signals received on the bid request, including content, location, weather, device type, and more” to build anonymous audiences that are more effective than content-based targeting alone.  No cookies or persistent user profiles are involved.  Today’s news is they’ve extended this from in-app inventory to web advertising.

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Google Plans New Limits on Tracking in Android

February 17, 2022

The head-spinning world of advertising privacy got even dizzier today when Google announced a “multi-year initiative” to deploy Privacy Sandbox on Android.  Heaven knows what it really means but the general idea is they’re trying to limit sharing of personal data while still supporting some ad targeting.  Don’t confuse this announcement with one made last November, which recently resurfaced, about letting publishers share pseudonymized first-party IDs with programmatic ad bidders through something called Encrypted Signals for Publishers.

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