Nielsen Upgrades Its Ad Measurement Methods

We haven’t written much about the tribulations of Nielsen’s core media measurement business, which would make a fine soap opera of its own.  The latest plot twist has an “Empire strikes back” vibe, with Nielsen announcing plans to convert its much-maligned TV audience measurements into something fashionably cross-platform and people based.  Stay tuned.

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Bolt Acquires Tipser for Seamless Checkout Everywhere

November 30, 2021

Ecommerce checkout platform Bolt has purchased Tipser, whose technology converts any “digital surface” into a purchasing opportunity.  You can almost see them drooling as they describe the ability to shop in “an online publication, a mobile marketplace, a price comparison site, a social media platform, or a search engine” using Tipser’s “turn-key publisher marketplaces, touchless merchant integrations, and headless implementation capabilities”.  Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming.

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