Omnicom Group Offers InfoSum Data Clean Room to Its Clients

InfoSum is a data clean room provider first and foremost.  They’ve just announced a deal to integrate their technology with Omnicom Group’s Omni marketing orchestration and analytics platform.  This will let Omnicom clients to combine their own first party data with data from Omnicom and other sources, without actually sharing the data itself.

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IRI Intelligence Suite Combines Client and IRI Data

May 24, 2021

Is there any topic nearer to your heart than data integration, Dear Reader?  Oh, sorry to hear that.  But let’s talk about it today anyway.  We’ll start with news that purchase data collector IRI has launched a suite of tools that let clients combine their own data with IRI data and analytics for audience identification, pricing, and demand prediction.  They don’t use the term “clean room” but that seems to be what’s involved.

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Syncari and Merge Raise Funds for Data Integration

May 24, 2021

Finally, some funding news. Syncari has raised a $17.3 million Series A for its no-code data automation platform, whose superpower is to transform data from different systems into a common structure, so it can be easily shared. And Merge has raised a $4.5 million seed round for its API that lets B2B companies extract data from human resources, payroll, and accounting platforms. Neither system stores the data outside the original sources, so we’re clearly outside CDP territory.

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