Performance Marketing Firm Fluent Valued at $415 Million in Merger with BlueFocus Agencies

Here’s a more complicated deal: Chinese company BlueFocus Communications Group is contributing agencies owned by its subsidiary BlueFocus International to a new marketing services company that will also incorporate Fluent, a data-driven marketing company owned by Cogint. Separately, Cogint will spin off its other data and analytics operations into a new company expected to be called Red Violet. What’s interesting is the deal values Fluent at $415 million, illustrating the value of data-driven marketing businesses.

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Jivox Launches Platform to Integrate Ad Campaign Processes

September 8, 2017

Jivox, which dynamically assembles personalized advertising messages, announced set of APIs that lets creative, workflow, and media execution tools exchange information about ad campaigns, including personalization strategies, creative assets, and targeting models. This will streamline interactions among separate firms and could ultimately make it easier for artificial intelligence systems to coordinate the process. In fact, Mindshare, a WPP-owned global media agency, is already using it to automate programmatic campaign setup through AppNexus.

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GPSdome Starts Product Delivery to Autonomous Cars

September 6, 2017

Has it already happened: autonomous cars ordering things for themselves, presumably to be delivered by self-guided drones? Not yet: the headline refers to anti-hacking technology to protect autonomous car guidance systems. Of course, the need to protect cars from hacking is itself a sign of the times. The headline makes more sense in Israel, where GPSdome is based, as a reference to the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

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