Persado and Movable Ink Partner to Test Email Variations

By coincidence, we have an announcement from dynamic content generator Movable Ink and automated content creator Persado that they’ve partnered on a system to generate and test multiple versions of emails. Kinda like one of those chocolate-meets-peanut butter commercials. Results come from real promotions, not a survey panel. Of course, it’s much easier to test in email than print mail.

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Kradle Offers Do-It-Yourself Process Builder for Small Business

March 13, 2018

Nordstrom is beefing up its tech staff, but what if tech were so easy that workers could just build their own systems? Australia-based Kradle just launched a system that lets small and mid-size business workers do exactly that, at least to the extent of creating automated process flows. Companies that tried this in the past have discovered that ease of use isn’t enough: workers need a lot of help figuring out what to do with these superpowers.

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Most Marketing Ops Teams Are Centralized: Perkuto Study

August 15, 2022

Have you been debating whether marketing operations should be centralized or decentralized?  Neither have we, but it’s still interesting to learn that 59% of Marketo users told Perkuo their marops were centralized, 30% hybrid, and 5% decentralized.  More here on most- and least-used capabilities and most common weaknesses.  Is “marops” a thing?  “Markops” would be cooler, since it sounds like “marketing cops”.

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