Personalization Works: Aki Study

Few marketers doubt that personalization works but it’s still nice to see some proof.  This study by personalization vendor Aki offers proper test vs control comparisons, although they only created a handful of segments and showed the same “personalized” ad to everyone in each segment.  It does show the segment-specific messages beat generic messages and offers some details which groups are most responsive.

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Twitter Users Will Share Data for Relevant Ads: IAS Survey

May 25, 2021

This IAS study relied on consumer surveys rather than behaviors, so it’s not as reliable as a real test.  But you’ll still probably like the answers: 77% of Twitter users said they’re comfortable sharing data with Twitter for a better ad experience; 59% said they’re remember an in-feed ad if it was relevant to surrounding content; and 54% said they’re comfortable engaging with ads that appear next to “personal content”, whatever that means.

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