Personalization Yields 4x ROI for Most Retailers: Netcore Report

We’ll say it again: personalization does work.  ROI was over 4x for 71% of retailers who invested in personalized customer experience, according to this Netcore report.  Data gathering is a challenge, with barely half using cross-device and offline data (51%) or real-time behavioral data (49%).  Lots more here of interest.

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Top 25 Companies Earn Two-Thirds of Global Ad Revenue: GroupM Report

June 22, 2021

Tech bashing isn’t exactly a market, but it’s definitely a growth industry. WPP’s GroupM media agency is adding heat with a report that the top 25 media suppliers earn 67% of ad global revenue, up from 42% four years ago for the same companies. The better comparison would be the top 25 suppliers four years ago vs the top 25 today, but there’s no doubt that concentration is up.  Plenty more here on other aspects of the industry.

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Most Consumers Think Their Smartphone Spies on Them: Tinuiti Study

June 21, 2021
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Two-Thirds of C-Suite Can’t Recognize Bad Data: Fivetran Report

December 6, 2021

Like the determined optimist who tells his boss the factory is on fire by reporting they’ll soon be able to update their equipment, let’s find some silver linings in a batch of gloomy surveys today, Dear Reader.  We’ll start with this Fivetran report, which finds that 85% of data leaders say their company has lost money by basing decisions on bad data, and 66% believe their C-suite can’t tell when that happens.  The bright side is there’s lots of room for improvement.

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