Poor Data Quality is Top Marketing Pain Point: CleverTap Survey

Marketers in this CleverTap survey also seemed remarkably down-to-earth.  They listed segment-level campaigns as their most important use for customer data (75%), while personalized customer messages ranked sixth at 46%.  They also said lack of quality customer data is their top internal pain point (42%), far ahead of lacking real-time data (25%).   Lots more here including key issues by industry, which are always intriguing.

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Marketers Prioritize Personalized Service Over Personalized Messages: Acquia Study

March 12, 2021

At least some marketers have gotten the message that customers only like personalization when it helps them.  This Acquia report found 62% of marketers are focusing on personalizing customer service while just 49% are focused on personalizing communications.  In fact, personalization ranked towards the bottom of their tech priorities (43%), behind marketing automation (63%), CDPs (54%), and AI (44%).

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Experience is Customers’ Highest Priority: The CMO Survey

March 12, 2021

Respondents to Duke Fuqua’s long-running The CMO Survey were in a cheery mood, with the highest optimism scores in three years and 72% believing that marketing has grown more important during the pandemic.  The good vibes extended to their view of customers, whom they felt value a good experience more than product quality, trust, service, price, and innovation.  Data integration for customer tracking is their fastest-growing investment.

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Adwerx Raises $14.5 Million for Personalized B2B Ads

November 29, 2021

Adverx has just raised $14.5 million for “Customer Relationship Advertising,” which certainly sounds intriguing.  What they do is to generats personalized ads for individuals targeted by business-to-business sales teams, and then maks those ads “passively ‘follow’ each salesperson’s current clients and prospects (pulled from the CRM) as they browse the web and social media”.  Annoying and creepy and it probably works.

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