Poor Data Quality is Top Marketing Pain Point: CleverTap Survey

Marketers in this CleverTap survey also seemed remarkably down-to-earth.  They listed segment-level campaigns as their most important use for customer data (75%), while personalized customer messages ranked sixth at 46%.  They also said lack of quality customer data is their top internal pain point (42%), far ahead of lacking real-time data (25%).   Lots more here including key issues by industry, which are always intriguing.

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Marketers Prioritize Personalized Service Over Personalized Messages: Acquia Study

March 12, 2021

At least some marketers have gotten the message that customers only like personalization when it helps them.  This Acquia report found 62% of marketers are focusing on personalizing customer service while just 49% are focused on personalizing communications.  In fact, personalization ranked towards the bottom of their tech priorities (43%), behind marketing automation (63%), CDPs (54%), and AI (44%).

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Experience is Customers’ Highest Priority: The CMO Survey

March 12, 2021

Respondents to Duke Fuqua’s long-running The CMO Survey were in a cheery mood, with the highest optimism scores in three years and 72% believing that marketing has grown more important during the pandemic.  The good vibes extended to their view of customers, whom they felt value a good experience more than product quality, trust, service, price, and innovation.  Data integration for customer tracking is their fastest-growing investment.

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