Preset Raises $35.9 Million Series B for No-Code Data Visualization

Does the term “no-code” set your heart aflutter?  If so, be sure to sit down before reading that no-code data visualization and dashboarding platform Preset has raised a $35.9 million Series B, bringing total funding to $48.4 million.  Less evolved users can still write SQL queries if they wish.  Preset is a managed service on top of Apache Superset, which some readers will find even more exciting than no-code.

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Most CMOs Think They Run Digital Transformation: Gartner Report

August 25, 2021

I know you love Gartner reports, Dear Reader, so here’s a fairly modest one about the role of marketing in digital transformation.  The most interesting news is that 80% of CMOs leaders think they’re responsible for leading digital business transformation strategies, a figure that most non-marketing leaders would probably find delusional.   More realistically, 83% say that innovation programs have not met management expectations.

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Monte Carlo Announces $60 Million Series C for Data Observability

August 24, 2021

Since we’ve already started down the data geek rabbit hole, here’s news that data quality vendor Monte Carlo has raised a $60 million Series C, bringing their total to $101 million.  Monte Carlo’s super power is making it easier for data engineers and analysts to monitor the quality of data as it moves through company pipelines.  That’s called “data observability” and quite a few companies do it.

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IT Teams Build Sloppy Automations: TeamDynamix Survey

August 17, 2022

IT teams spend lots of time on repetitive requests from business users, finds this TeamDynamix survey.  You might think the implication is IT should let users do more for themselves.  But the main time-wasters are things like password resets, employee on-boarding, and managing credentials, which can’t really be delegated.  And here’s the kicker: IT professionals automate those tasks by building sloppy, insecure, undocumented scripts, just like the non-professionals.   Fun fact: 53% of teams manage 100 or more applications.

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