Regie Raises $10 Million for AI-Generated Marketing Copy

I’ve given up the search for truth and am looking for a good fantasy, said a favorite t-shirt from years past.  Along those lines, let’s just focus on cool tech stuff.  Using AI to generate marketing copy fits that bill nicely, so we’ll report that Regie just raised a $10 million Series A to do just that.

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60% of Martech Leaders Prefer Suite over Best-of-Breed: Gartner Survey

September 30, 2022

This Gartner survey finds that 60% of senior martech leaders prefer integrated marketing suites over best-of-breed stacks.  That’s interesting but hard to take seriously when the same survey put the figure at 42% last year.  Similarly: respondents report using just 42% of capabilities available in their stack compared with 58% last year.  Meanwhile, the minority who do prefer best-of-breed are much more successful at journey orchestration than their suite-using counterparts.  Color me perplexed.

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Shoppers Prefer User-Generated Content to Brand Content: StoryStream Study

September 30, 2022

It’s great that AI can write marketing copy, but what if people don’t want marketing content from any source?  This StoryStream study finds that just 38% of online shoppers find brand-created assets impactful, compared with 62% for user-generated content (UGC).  In fact, more find UGC to be important (72%) than personalized content (49%).  Did we mention that StoryStream sells UGC tools?

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