Reltio Raises $120 Million Series E for Master Data Management

Enough with the surveys.  Master data management vendor Reltio just raised a $120 million Series E, bringing total funding to $237 million.  Reltio qualifies as a CDP but handles lots of non-customer data, so the MDM label is a better fit.

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Publishers Expect to Cut Staff When Cookies Are Gone: Lotame Survey

November 8, 2021

Watching the industry get ready for the post-cookie, privacy-enhanced future has the macabre fascination of a slow-motion train wreck.  This Lotame report finds fewer than 20% feel a high level of urgency to put in place post-cookie solutions and a minority of 42% say they are actively testing solutions.  This despite the fact that most marketers and publishers expect a loss of revenue and jobs when cookies go away.  La la la.

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IT Teams Build Sloppy Automations: TeamDynamix Survey

August 17, 2022

IT teams spend lots of time on repetitive requests from business users, finds this TeamDynamix survey.  You might think the implication is IT should let users do more for themselves.  But the main time-wasters are things like password resets, employee on-boarding, and managing credentials, which can’t really be delegated.  And here’s the kicker: IT professionals automate those tasks by building sloppy, insecure, undocumented scripts, just like the non-professionals.   Fun fact: 53% of teams manage 100 or more applications.

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