Resources Not Features Are Biggest Barrier to Tech Adoption: PubExec Survey

Speaking of honesty, Publishing Executive found that the biggest obstacles to tech adoption are buyers’ time, resources, and budget, not integration or finding systems that fit their needs. That’s a truth not always acknowledged. The survey covered only publishers but other industries are similar. Other interesting data here too.

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CDP(?) Zaius Adds Shopify Integration

October 9, 2018

What’s in a name? Zaius meets the CDP definition of building and sharing a unified, persistent customer database. But they add marketing automation features that place them beyond the CDP realm. They’ve just announced an integration with ecommerce platform Shopify, which suggests they’re serving clients much smaller than most CDP vendors. Speaking of names: they have an endorsement on their Web site from someone named McGregor Button.

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Connecthings Launches Location-Based Marketing Platform

October 4, 2018

Location platform Connecthings has launched Herow, which lets app developers create campaigns based on information about physical sites, precise tracking of mobile device user movements, and local conditions such as weather and traffic. The company also released a survey of mobile users that found their current apps get their location wrong 40% of the time, that 60% want mobile experiences customized to personal desires and location, and 72% don’t want their data shared with third parties.

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