Retailers Lag in Online Personalization: Redpoint Global Infographic

Retailers lag in meeting the customer expectations for personalized online shopping, according to this Redpoint Global-sponsored infographic.  Just 21% have up-to-date CRM/personalization technology in place, although 60% plan to have current technology within two years.  Just 14% have bought a software package with embedded artificial intelligence or machine learning.

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Microsoft Offers Privacy-ish Alternative to FLoC

April 22, 2021

Microsoft, which really should know better, has announced its own bird-themed ad targeting solution. Inexcusably-named “Parakeet” assigns people to cohorts similar to Google FLoC, but runs ad auctions in a proxy server rather than the user’s browser.  Parakeet was first proposed in February but gained attention this week when Microsoft referred to it in a statement dodging the question of whether it would enable FLoC in its Edge browser.

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Two-Thirds of Gen Z Shopper Won’t Return to Stores: Sitecore Study

April 21, 2021

Any retailers hoping they can avoid improving their online experience by waiting for customers to resume in-store shopping are taking a big risk.  This Sitecore study of Gen Z consumers found that 64% want to keep buying almost everything online.  They’re a demanding bunch: 83% see shopping as an experience, not a transaction, 71% expect highly personalized treatments, and 38% will switch brands after a second bad experience.

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Two-Thirds of C-Suite Can’t Recognize Bad Data: Fivetran Report

December 6, 2021

Like the determined optimist who tells his boss the factory is on fire by reporting they’ll soon be able to update their equipment, let’s find some silver linings in a batch of gloomy surveys today, Dear Reader.  We’ll start with this Fivetran report, which finds that 85% of data leaders say their company has lost money by basing decisions on bad data, and 66% believe their C-suite can’t tell when that happens.  The bright side is there’s lots of room for improvement.

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