Salesforce Releases Generative AI Solutions for Retail Marketers

Salesforce debuted new AI-powered tools for retail marketers at NRF this week. They include segment creation in Data Cloud driven by natural language prompts, prompt-driven content creation (email subject lines and body copy plus visual content) and predictive insights into potential promotion revenue. Also launched, Einstein CoPilot for Shoppers, a tool to conduct real-time conversations on retailer channels such as messaging apps.

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Sportradar’s FanID will Support Personalization in a Post-Cookie World

January 17, 2024

Sports tech company Sportradar, a partner of organizations including the NBA and NHL, has launched FanID which draws on a range of first-party data sources to create anonymous but marketable fan profiles. The data will come from rights holders, commercial partners, and media companies. Sportradar’s own marketing activation tech will create multi-channel campaigns based on these profiles.

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Ad Fontes Media Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Brand Safe Advertising

February 23, 2024

Ad Fontes Media, a company that rates news sites for reliability and bias, has announced the integration of its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform. This will allow the screening out of highly partisan, AI-generated and clickbait sites, preferentially serving ads to sites containing quality journalism. Directing ad spend to low quality sites not only wastes dollars and threatens brand safety but de-monetizes quality news operations.

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