Signavio Raises $177 Million Series C for Process Management

Signavio also took a dip into the money pool, coming out with a $177 million Series C. They sell systems for business process management, which is relevant here because some of those processes involve customer experiences. Total funding is now $230 million.

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Cheetah Digital Buys Wayin and Neustar Partners with Freckle to Add Privacy-Safe Data

July 11, 2019

Despite consumer doubts, marketers have clearly begun to think that privacy is good business. Exhibit 1: when Marketing software company Cheetah Digital announced purchase of interactive experience platform Wayin, they described it in terms of collecting “zero party data” for permission-based marketing. Exhibit 2: Neustar has opened its “Identity Data Management Platform” to data from Freckle, which pays consumers directly for access to their information.

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