Sixty-two percent of companies not fully compliant on privacy

In a Pathwire survey of 1,000 companies throughout EMEA and North America, 62.4% reported not being completely compliant with data regulations and 24.4% of respondents didn’t know which regulations applied to them. And, while cost of non-compliance can be substantial, only 11.6% reported spending more than $5,000/yr. on new technology in this area.

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Marketers Struggle for Personalization Success: RedPoint Global Survey

September 27, 2021

This Harris Poll study for Redpoint Global offers a sobering view of customer experience reality.  They found that marketers are twice as likely as consumers to think brands deliver an excellent experience (51% vs 26%), while under half of the marketers who use advanced technologies including personalization, AI-driven recommendations, or multi-variate testing think they are having great success with them.  Fun fact: the average number of customer engagement systems is now 16, nearly double the figure in 2019.

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