SmarterHQ Adds CDP-Style Customer Profiles

Lots of interesting news today, Dear Reader. First we have the launch of what sounds like a Customer Data Platform inside of behavioral marketing platform SmarterHQ. “Profile Data Collect” combines CRM, persona and loyalty data with behavioral data to support marketing campaigns. The difference from a true CDP is that, so far as I can tell, the data can only be used within SmarterHQ. Also, SmarterHQ does message delivery – a capability that makes them too broad to be considered a CDP but not from having a “CDP inside”. Yes, it’s confusing.

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Nearly 300 Blockchain-Based Marketing Systems: NeverstopMarketing

February 19, 2019

Since we’re uncharacteristically cheery today, let’s ignore the hype and remember blockchain’s potential for privacy and ad fraud prevention. That makes it good news to find more than 290 blockchain-based marketing systems. NeverStopMarketing, which helps blockchain start-ups, has inevitably packaged the research in a logo-scape, which shows the most crowded categories are ad supply chain, ecommerce, and personal data management.

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Just 17% of Martech System Replacements Are Home-Built: MarTech Report

July 7, 2022

The build-vs-buy debate never ends, and sometimes build really makes sense.  But buy is clearly the way to bet: just 17% of martech replacement projects chose a homegrown solution this year, according to this MarTech survey.  That’s down from 31% the year before.  CDPs were among the least common replacements, maybe because they’re awesome and maybe because most CDP implementations are fairly new.  Download for more fun facts.

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