Snowflake Announces Cloud Data Marketplace

Back in the USA, analytical database vendor Snowflake, which powers a number of CDPs, announced a Data Cloud “ecosystem” of data providers and consumers. The cloud includes a data marketplace for third party data and a data exchange for second party data, both in public preview. They also announced private preview of features including data masking and tokenization for privacy.

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Companies Can’t Deliver Real-Time Interactions: Harvard Business Review Survey

June 8, 2020

Here’s an interesting survey about real-time analytics that Harvard Business Review Analytic Services produced for SAS, Intel, and Accenture. They found 60% of companies think real-time, cross-touchpoint interactions are important but just 16% are very effective at delivering them. There are similarly huge gaps for specific capabilities, such as translating data into actionable insight (83% important, 22% doing it). Download to find how many say marketing is in charge of customer experience and CX tech.

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And More: Raises $14 Million, BigID and Privatar Integrate, Magic Launches ID Platform

June 4, 2020

Finally, we have a $14 million Series A for, which discovers personal data in enterprise systems. Competitors include BigID, Okera, Spirion, DataGrail, Dathena, and OneTrust. I’ll also sneak in an integration between BigID and privacy management platform Privatar, an application development framework from BigID , and launch of blockchain-based decentralized identity management platform Magic with $4 million in funding.

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