Sprout Social Acquires Social Analytics Vendor Simply Measured

Back to the news. Social media management vendor Sprout Social announced they’re acquiring social analytics vendor Simply Measured. Unlike most of the martech space, social media technology is seeing a fair amount of vendor consolidation.

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Openbridge Launches Data Integration Marketplace

December 8, 2017

Openbridge provides a data integration software and services with prebuilt connectors for over 600 systems, including many marketing automation, personalization, and analytics tools. They’ve built some connectors themselves and have now launched a “data marketplace” including connectors from other vendors, including the Segment CDP as well as Fivetran, Funnel, Stitch, and Alooma. Openbridge also provide professional services to help with challenges such as customer identity matching. It’s an interesting approach.

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Amobee Launches Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud Program

December 6, 2017

There’s probably a Yiddish proverb about every cloud having a silver lining, but I don’t know it. In the meantime, ad buying platform Amobee is treating brand safety and fraud prevention as promotable features. Amobee scans programmatic inventory from more than fifteen exchanges, filtering suspicious bids, fraudulent mobile apps, and objectionable content. Buyers get refunds if verified errors slip through.

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