TAG Brand Safety Seal offers global brand certification for consumer trust

Can consumers trust your brand? The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI) have just announced the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal, a global certification program to vet brands that adhere to their Brand Safety Principles and minimize the risk of ad placement alongside inappropriate content. Further, they have said that direct buyers, sellers and/or intermediaries “must ensure that 100% of monetizable transactions are reviewed by one or more independently validated Content Verification services as defined in its digital advertising agreements.”

Why? Because brand trust is crucial, and a new survey, just released by TAG and BSI shows just how much. When asked if brands should take responsibility to prevent their products from appearing near offensive or objectionable content, buyers made it clear companies should or risk losing their loyalty. This included violent content, hate speech and pornography – plus, more than 87% of consumers said they’d reduce or stop buying a product if it was advertised in a place that allowed Neo-Nazi propaganda, terrorist training videos, or malware-infected ads.