Taptap and VIOOH Partner for Advanced Outdoor Advertising

“VIOOH’s OOH supply can now be accessed through the Sonata omnichannel DSP by Taptap” crows this press release.  Depending on who you are, that either needs no explanation or makes no sense.  For the uninitiated, the news here is the growing application of digital ad techniques to billboards, signs, and other outdoor advertising.

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Magnite-Led Group Finishes Initial Tests of Cookieless Targeting Project

July 1, 2021

Google may have delayed its arrival, but the cookieless ad train has left the station.   Ad sales platform Magnite is chugging along with its entry in the cookie replacement race, a consortium of publishers, advertisers and middlefolk that will use publishers’ first-party data to assign consumers to standardized segments and target ads accordingly, without tracking individuals.  More than thirty companies have joined and Magnite has donated the program to the industry-run group.

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