Tech Stacks Block CX Success: Intercom Survey

Here’s a look at CX priorities from the customer service point of view.  Intercom found that 76% of respondents said their current tech stack holds them back from meeting their goals, with 73% specifically citing improved integration as a priority.  While better training was the top solution to meeting customer expectations (53%), more automation also ranked high on the list (43%).

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CEOs Take Charge of CX: CMO Report

February 21, 2023

Customer experience is shifting from a departmental to organization-wide focus, according to this very interesting CMO report for Optimizely.  CEOs now are directly in charge of CX at 28% of organizations, up from 7% the year before, while the number marketing, sales, and dedicated CX leaders in charge has dropped.   Unified data is the highest CX tech priority although CDPs rank far behind AI, campaign management and CRM on the list of planned investments.

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Fast-food chain White Castle defends against BIPA

February 21, 2023

White Castle and a dozen business groups are trying to hold back against a ruling from Illinois’ Supreme Court that claims the company should pay $17 billion+ as a penalty for repeatedly collecting employee biometric data without consent. “Repeatedly” is key here, since the court wants to charge White Castle for each time they scanned the 9,500 employees, while company lawyers argue it should only be charged for the initial scan.

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