Twilio Combines CDP and Journey Orchestration

Twilio has launched a platform that combines its CDP with omnichannel journey orchestration.  The new platform, called Engage, bucks the trend towards breaking CDPs into separate components.  The company also announced a passwordless approach to user authentication and no-code tool to build self-service customer support flows.

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Most Retail Media Sales Are Outside of Retailer-Owned Channels: Merkle Study

November 4, 2022

This Merkle study offers a deep dive into retail media networks from both retailer and advertiser perspectives. One surprise is that it’s actually more common for retail media networks to target customers in external media than retailer-owned channels. Another is that understanding shoppers is a more common reason for brands to use retail media than delivering personalized messages or gaining access to sales results.

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Outflow Redefines Itself as a Customer Data Unification and Workflow Platform

November 3, 2022

Outflow started as a tool to synch data between sales and marketing systems, but has now reinvented itself as a data unification and workflow engine.  The transformation includes a change in pricing model from events to active contacts, new dashboards, and access to CRM data for lead scoring.  Outfunnel now maintains its own contact profiles, which puts it close to CDP territory.

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