Unacast Launches Social Distancing Dashboard

So many companies are offering free use of their software to at-home workers that it’s not even worth listing them. But location data vendor Unacast has taken a different approach, developing a “social distancing dashboard” that analyzes its consumer tracking data to show much people are reducing their daily travel on a state and county level. The practical value is probably limited but gives you something to explore.

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Apple Safari Blocks Third Party Cookies by Default

March 27, 2020

Let’s take a break from coronavirus to remember the other apocalypse: the end of third party cookies. Apple just moved that date forward by announcing that its Safari browser will now block all third party cookies by default. But Safari’s market share is under 4%. Google Chrome, with 68% share, has said it will stop supporting third party cookies next year.

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Consumers Will Trade Ad Viewing for Free TV: Integral Ad Science Study

March 25, 2020

Come to think of it, consumers liking free stuff may be the most normal thing of all. Sure enough, ad verification vendor Integral Ad Science has found that people are eager to swap paid video streaming services for free ones, even if they have to watch ads in return. Also included: a handy diagram that clarifies the often-confused relationships among Over The Top (OTT), Connected TV (CTV) and Smart TV.

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Bombora Offers B2B Ad Targeting and Personalization Based on Content Consumption

June 2, 2023

Bombora has launched Visitor Insights, a consent-based website tag that tracks the topics a device has consumed.   It infers intent, job function, management level, and other information that B2B publishers can use for ad targeting and personalization.  This Bombora report shows intent trends by industry: for example, media and advertising users show 70% more interest in Customer Data Platforms than they did last year.

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