Zeta Global Adds AI-Generated Problem Solving and More

Zeta Global announced a bevy of product enhancements at its recent annual conference. New and enhanced features include its data clean room, data governance controls, enhanced connectivity management, AI-generated solutions to marketing problems, enhanced forecasting and predictions, marketing mix models, and improved media activation and attribution.  As always, Zeta is particularly proud that it can provide its own data to supplement a client’s own sources.

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Adobe Adds Partners to Credential Standard for AI-Built Content

October 12, 2023

One factor slowing adoption of generative AI is the challenge of knowing whether it was used to produce any particular piece of content.  Adobe is backing an open standard to tag AI-generated materials with details about their origins and changes.  It just announced adoption by partners including Microsoft, Leica, Nikon, Publicis, and others.  There’s an online Content Credentials hub where consumers and creators can verify content; it’s consistent with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authority (C2PA) standard.

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