6sense Buys Slintel for B2B Data

6sense is another CDP that won’t speak its name, preferring the truly obscure “account engagement platform”. They just bought Slintel, which will expand their B2B technolographic and contact data by 250 million profiles and 100 million decision makers.  6sense has also been in a buying mood, purchasing pipeline planning tool Fortella last month after raising $125 million last March.  Essay question: How can there be 100 million B2B decision makers?

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Qualtrics Adds Conversational Data to Personalization Mix

October 7, 2021

Qualtrics just announced “a new era of personalization at scale”, the sort of claim that makes my nose twitch.  They’re talking about Experience ID, “a single, unified view of everything customers and employees have shared with a company”.  That sounds suspiciously like a CDP but Qualtrics swears it’s not because they are analyzing conversational data.  Skeptical eyebrow raised.  The new product draws on Qualtrics’ recent Clarabridge and UserMind acquisitions.

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IAC Dotdash Buys Meredith Publishing and AppLovin Buys MoPub

October 7, 2021

If you’re looking for a party game to separate the old folks from the youngsters, see who can explain which of the following: IAC Dotdash just bought Meredith Corporation’s National Media Group for $2.7 billion, and Twitter just sold MoPub to AppLovin for $1 billion. Both deals are big news in certain corners of the media industry. Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you about that time AOL bought TimeWarner.

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Optimizely Buys Welcome to Add Marketing Resource Management

December 2, 2021

Digital experience platform Optimizely is further expanding its scope with a deal to buy Welcome, which provides content management, digital asset management, and marketing resource management.  You may recall that Optimizely itself was purchased in September 2020 by Episerver, which then adopted the Optimizely name.  And who could forget that they bought the Zaius CDP in March 2021?

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